Baseball is the most incorrectly-taught game in all of youth team sports.

Take the very basic baseball act of swinging a bat. Have you heard coaches tell your kid to swing level? Swing down? Swing up? All of the above? Which is correct? How would you know?


At Youth Baseball Edge, Rob Tong joins with today's most successful youth baseball coaches and experts to help give YOU the EDGE in your coaching journey to be the best coach you can be.

Listen to the podcast as Rob interviews youth baseball experts to give you practical, actionable content for complete player and team development: proper fundamentals, strategies, the mental game and more.

The internet is inundated with baseball coaching misinformation. Rob vets each podcast guest to ensure they bring you true information—not misinformation—about youth baseball.

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Why does so much youth baseball instruction focus on drills?

At first glance, this is an odd question. "Why not drills?" you might wonder. The problem is simple but often unrecognized: drills only focus on physical skills. Yet physical skills are only one piece of the coaching puzzle. There's strategy, managing the interconnected parts as a whole, handling the mental game, and more.


But who's got time to study all those varied aspects of coaching? That's where Youth Baseball Edge can help. Get practical, actionable content that will help you develop complete ballplayers. Help revive a love for our national pastime in the next generation. (And get a free bonus ebook for signing up.)


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Rob gives exclusive tips, key insights and more to give you practical, actionable info for your next practice.

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