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Coaching tools

Pocket RadarPocket Radar, Ball Coach edition, $299.99
From measuring pitching velocity to bat speed, the Pocket Radar is indispensible. As accurate as Stalker and Juggs, yet cheaper. And dead simple to use plus convenient size to carry around. No-brainer.
J-bandsJ-Bands (Junior or Adult), $40.95
J-Bands are a crucial part of arm care, as well as developing arm strength. Several colors to choose from. Select Junior size for ages 12 and under; Adult size for ages 13 and up.
Whiffle ballsWhiffle balls, $8.17 for 12
Whiffles are a staple of my practices and pre-game routines. It helps warm up batting eyes and refining batting movements without needing a lot of field space. Buy two packs, put them in a Home Depot bucket and you're good to go.
Yellow mini whiffle ballsYellow golf whiffle balls, $13 for 50
I previously recommended the white ones, but these yellow ones are a better value and are easier to locate in the grass. The point of golf whiffles is that due to their much smaller size, the batter needs to concentrate more during their swings to hit these. Do NOT make the mistake of lightly tossing them during practices or pre-game; throw them with pretty good velocity instead.
Lightning RodLightning Rod, $33.99
Perfect complement to the mini whiffles. The Lightning Rod is thin, making hitting the mini whiffles doubly difficult. And the Stick is light so kids can swing it a lot and not get fatigued. Bonus: comes with 3 mini whiffles.
TAP weighted ball setTAP plyocare weighted ball set, $68.70
Driveline Baseball recommends using these to help train youth arms pitching mechanics without hurting arms through constraint training and general arm care. The heavier balls are useful for naturally decelerating the arm. Driveline has a program that uses these pylocare balls for 9-13 year olds and high schoolers.


Baseball-specific books

TewksHitting book/video comboElite Swing Mechanics: Understanding & Developing Swing Mechanics Used By Elite Hitters, $30
E-book by Bobby Tewksbary
Do you know what the best hitters in the world do with their swing? Perhaps more challenging, do you know how to teach it? Comes with video and audio files.
Building The 95MPH Body coverBuilding The 95 MPH Body, $40
E-book by Ben Brewster
129 pages! Nutrition information, program information, research studies. Endorsed by Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball, Vanderbilt University pitching coach Scott Brown and others. Enter the special YBE listener code YOUTHEDGE at checkout to get $10 off—only $30!
Heads Up Baseball 2.0 bookHeads Up Baseball 2.0: 5 Skills For Competing One Pitch At A Time, $30
Book by Dr. Ken Ravizza & Dr. Tom Hanson
There are other mental game books out there, but none are as easy to read and understand in layman's terms nor as widely acclaimed as Heads Up Baseball. Now completely revised.
Travelball bookTravelball: How to Start and Manage a Successful Travel Baseball Team, $29.95
Book by Ron Filipkowski
Starting a travel program and don't know where to begin? Wanting to start a program but haven't started yet? This book is packed with practical tips and strategies that will inspire you to get started right now!
The Science Of Hitting, $11
Book by Ted Williams
Brilliant, albeit slim, book with practical advice from the last hitter to hit .400 in a season. A good coach friend of mine buys a copy for every assistant coach on his team (he has a new staff every year).


General coaching philosophy

The Sports Gene coverThe Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance, $10.25
Book by David Epstein
In the nature vs. nurture debate for sports talent, Epstein takes a decidedly nature stance. There's even a chapter on baseball. This book won't exactly inspire you as you coach your kids but it will certainly give you food for thought...which ultimately is my job here. And that is why this book is on my "Recommended" list.
The Talent Code coverThe Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How, $15
Book by Daniel Coyle
Is talent an issue of nature or nurture? Coyle makes a strong case that it's nurture: if you practice hard enough and smart enough, you can be world-class. I found this book to be very inspirational in nurturing kids of all skill levels on your team. For coaches in house/rec leagues, this book will be one of your all-time favorites.
The Arm bookThe Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery Of The Most Valuable Commodity In Sports, $7.65
Paperback book by Jeff Passan
If you want to know tons of info about Tommy John surgery and not just that "it's an epidemic", this is required reading for all youth baseball coaches. If you prefer the Kindle ebook, it's cheaper.
Little Book Of Talent coverThe Little Book Of Talent: 52 Tips For Improving Your Skills, $15
The Talent Code is a great book but it's more theoretical. This book gives 52 practical tips for applying the theory. It's not baseball-specific, so you'll have to use your creativity to apply these tips to youth baseball. But it'll get your coaching juices flowing. And it's a short book, so you can devour it over a couple short sittings.


Training, $12.99/mo or $97/yr
Online baseball instruction
In an era when 'squish the bug' and 'swing level' are still taught, trust Justin Stone for top-notch baseball teaching. Check out the site's entire catalog of content for 48 hours free! If you like it, it's just $13/mo or $97/year, which is still a bargain.
Cornerstone Conditioning ProgramCornerstone Conditioning Program, $77
Offseason baseball conditioning program
Kyle Nelson (episode 7)'s program focuses on baseball-specific movements and makes it easy for you with a pre-made periodization schedule and daily workout calendar. Normally $97, it's discounted to $77 for YBE listeners.
Bash Sports Academy logoBash Sports Academy, membership costs vary
Indoor baseball training facility
If you're in Chicago, neither rain nor sleet nor snow is a good excuse to not get in some baseball training.


Creating your own web site

A Small Orange logoWeb host: A Small Orange
A Small Orange hosts your site on screaming fast SSDs, and independently confirmed by Cloud Spectator to be faster than Blue Host, Go Daddy, Host Gator, etc. (ASO was also tops for uptime at 100%). Top customer service too: knowledgeable, responsive...and U.S.-based! Starter plan is just $2.92/mo. I host three web sites on ASO and couldn't be more satisfied.

UPDATE: I no longer endorse A Small Orange. The inadequacy of their technical support is appalling. In 4 of the last 5 support sessions, they were unable to resolve my issue in the same session. Further, the level of technical ignorance was shocking (when I know more than the support rep, something's wrong). What a fall from a company that was once a rock star in technical support.


StudioPress logoWordPress themes: StudioPress, prices vary by theme
Gorgeous, mobile-responsive, SEO-ready, secure, HTML5-based themes that are built on the super-flexible foundational code of the Genesis framework. I've tried other themes but StudioPress themes rocks it. I use StudioPress on all my web sites. Check out their themes; there's sure to be one you'll love.


ConvertKit logoEmail service: ConvertKit, starting at $29/mo
I've tried AWeber, MailChimp and GetResponse and they all had material flaws that I had to work around to get stuff done for this blog. ConvertKit is much more intuitive. Just a month-to-month commitment, so see if it works for you.

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