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If receiving, blocking and throwing are the fundamental aspects of the catcher position, what are the key teaching points of those aspects? What information goes beyond the basics for your catchers to give them more of an edge? Tom Griffin shares some helpful tips in part one of a two-part interview.

Plus Rob answers the Question of the Week (36:18) about how many practices per week a 7U rec team should have.

In this 40-minute episode, you'll learn:

  • how are Tom's knees (7:43)
  • whether catching reduces athleticism (8:50)
  • why primary stances are evolving (14:33)
  • how secondary stances are evolving (15:59)
  • whether kids can benefit from one-knee stances (18:03)
  • why pop time is not important (20:07)
  • how to find catchers on your team (21:12)
  • how to promote the catcher position to possible catcher candidates (22:50)
  • when to work with catchers in practices if they also play other positions (24:40)
  • the fundamentals of the primary stance (26:44)
  • the fundamentals of the secondary stance (28:38)
  • footwork in the secondary stance (29:37)
  • drills for receiving (30:19)
  • variations of a wall drill that doesn't require a coach and fosters competition (32:37)
  • a good distance for throwing to the catcher in normal receiving drills (34:44)

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