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When it comes to hitting, we can talk about timing, pitch recognition, game-like reps, strike zone recognition, vision training and more. But at some point, we're going to have to teach hitting mechanics to our kids if the kids are going to advance to the next level of hitting. But for every Chris O'Leary or Bobby Tewksbary, there are at least a thousand others who give misinformation on hitting mechanics. Doug Latta, aka "The Swing Whisperer", returns to help give us some insight on hitting mechanics that could literally be game-changers in part 2 of a three-part interview. (Missed part 1? Click here)

Plus Rob answers the Question of the Week (35:18) about how to teach timing when hitting live hitting for 7-10 year olds.

In this 39-minute episode, you'll learn:

  • when do the hips start during the swing—and which hip (2:10)
  • whether the swing should be parallel to the ground or parallel to the pitch (3:29)
  • what else to watch for after heel plant, and two main areas that lead to incorrect moves at heel plant (4:23)
  • whether an unbalanced stance is automatically a problem (5:34)
  • which body part is most responsible for power (7:04)
  • why the front leg should not be the driver for the stride—and what should be instead (9:28)
  • three back leg drills to try and one to avoid (12:17)
  • one balance drill that can be adapted for different age groups (14:20)
  • what is the proper swing path (17:24)
  • when should the hands start their move to palm up/palm down, and how to make the bat feel lighter (19:46)
  • one drill to help beginner hitters who do not have the correct swing path, and where to make contact with the pitch (21:14)
  • one common flaw that causes hitters to consistently be late (23:55)
  • whether teaching kids to keep their heads down is a good cue (25:06)
  • how to help kids adjust to pitches on the inside/outside edges of the plate (26:39)
  • what is a proper two-strike approach (29:39)

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