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We've heard about the mental game but how do we actually apply it to our baseball coaching? How do we make the concept of mental game more practical? Brian Cain, #1 international best-selling author, speaker and coach, helps us with exactly that.

In this 39-minute episode, you'll learn:

  • how different is handling the mental game different between youth athletes and adult athletes
  • how to teach the mental game: EDIP
  • what we can speed up in practice to make games feel easier, with multiple examples
  • the difference between a fixed vs growth mindset
  • why we should redefine what an athlete is
  • seven ways to help kids convert from a fixed to a growth mindset
  • guidelines for when to push kids to become elite
  • three practical examples of how to help kids mentally overcome the fear of getting hit by a pitch
  • how to help kids who are not doing well
  • how to handle kids who are cocky
  • an example of one way to help kids handle parental/fan pressure in the stands
  • the difference between an elite mental game, an above average mental game and an average mental game
  • a brief description of Brian's mental game certification for coaches

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