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Taming a wild swing in your youth hitters? The Swing Whisperer is in. Giving advice specifically targeted at the youth and high school level, Doug Latta, aka "The Swing Whisperer", is back to help calm those free-spirited hitters in this finale of a three-part interview. (Missed part 1? Click here Missed part 2? Click here)

Plus Rob answers the Question of the Week (28:43) about whether the travel baseball landscape for 7-8 year olds has improved since the early days of this podcast.

In this 37-minute episode, you'll learn:

  • the proper perspective when your hitter strikes out (1:55)
  • whether data, particularly from bat sensors, is helpful, harmful or neutral (6:21)
  • what to look for if a hitting student doesn't seem to understand what you're teaching (10:20)
  • an approach to helping hitters in a cage (11:43)
  • whether Doug prefers tee, front toss, side toss or dry swings for working on a swing (14:30)
  • how to help kids who may not know what a good swing is (16:48)
  • how to work with an entire team in only 1 or 2 cages (18:22)
  • how to help kids avoid getting bored while doing many reps (23:01)

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